Operator Intelligence Report

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Enverus Drillinginfo Operator Intelligence Reports leverage our analytics ecosystem to tell a compelling story about each of hundreds of public, private, and PE backed US E&Ps. Our analysts benchmark operators, discern trends, and connect the fundamentals to the financials. We organize our analysis into cohesive narratives with clear takeaways for the reader. 

  • Covering over 180 public, private, and PE backed US E&Ps
  • Quick, clear answers to the most important questions about US E&P operators
  • Insights derived from Enverus’ wealth of different datasets
  • Objective analysis and coherent stories for each operator
  • Benchmarking analysis, trend analysis, and commentary for a variety of topics, including:
    • financial position share-price performance, acreage positions, operational activity, well productivity, M&A transactions
  • Reports are delivered directly to your inbox
    • Reports are updated quarterly, or as major events occur

Additional information

Operator Name

Abraxas, Admiral Permian Resources LLC, Aethon III, Alta Mesa Resources Inc, Amplify Energy Corp, Anschutz Exploration Corp, Antero Resources Corp, Apache, Approach Resources Inc, Ascent Resources LLC, Ballard Petroleum Holdings LLC, Bayswater Exploration & Production LLC, BCE-Mach LLC, Berry Petroleum, Birch Permian Holdings Inc, BlackBrush Oil & Gas LP, Bonanza Creek Energy Inc, BP, Bruin E&P Partners LLC, BTA oil Producers LLC, BXP Partners IV LP, Cabot, Caerus Oil and Gas LLC, California Resources Corp, Callon, Calyx Energy III, Carrizo, Casillas Petroleum Resource Partners LLC, Centennial Resource Development Inc, Chaparral, Chesapeake, Chevron, Chief Oil & Gas LLC, Chisholm Energy Holdings LLC, Chisholm Oil & Gas LLC, Cimarex, CNX Resources, Cobra Oil & Gas Corp, Colgate Energy LLC, Comstock, Concho Resources Inc, ConocoPhillips, Contango, Continental Resources Inc, Crestone Peak Resources LLC, CrownRock LP, Cub Creek Energy LLC, Denbury Resources Inc, Devon Energy, Diamondback Energy, Discovery Natural Resources LLC, Diversified Gas & Oil Plc, DoublePoint Energy LLC, Earthstone Energy Inc, EdgeMarc Energy Holdings LLC, Element Petroleum III, Elevation Resources LLC, EnCana, Encino Acquisition Partners, Endeavor Energy Resources LP, Enerplus, EOG, EP Energy Corp, EQT Corporation, Equinor, Escondido Resources II LLC, EXL Petroleum Management LLC, Extraction Oil & Gas, ExxonMobil, Felix Energy II, Fleur de Lis Energy LLC, FourPoint Energy LLC, GEP Haynesville LLC, Goodrich, Great Western Oil & Gas Co, Greylock Energy LLC, Guidon Energy, Gulfport Energy Corp, Halcon Resources Corp, Hess, HG Energy II LLC, Hibernia Energy III LLC, HighPoint Resources Corp, Hilcorp Energy Co, Hilcorp Energy Development LP, Hilcorp San Juan LP, Independence Resources Management LLC, Indigo Natural Resources LLC, Iron Oil LLC, Jagged Peak Energy Inc, Jonah Energy LLC, Jones Energy, Kraken Oil & Gas II LLC, Krewe Energy LLC, Laredo Energy VI LP, Laredo Petroleum Inc, Legacy Reserves LP, Liberty Resources II LLC, Lilis Energy Inc, LOGOS Resources II LLC, Lonestar Resources Inc, Magnolia Oil & Gas Corp, Manti Tarka Permian LP, Marathon, Matador Resources Company, MDC Texas Energy LLC, Merit Energy, Mewbourne Oil Company, Montage Resources, Murphy, Nadel and Gussman Energy LLC, New Emerald Energy LLC, Nine Point Energy LLC, Noble Energy, NP Resources LLC, Oak Ridge Natural Resources LLC, Oasis Petroleum Inc, Oxy, Paloma Partners IV LLC, Pantera Energy Co, Pardus Oil & Gas LLC, Parsley Energy LP, Patriot Resources Inc, PDC, Penn Virginia, PennEnergy Resources LLC, Periscope Operating LLC, Petro-Hunt LLC, PetroLegacy Energy II LLC, PetroShale Inc, Pioneer, Protege Energy III, QEP Resources Inc, Range Resources Corp, Red Bluff Resources Holdings LLC, RedBud Energy Partners, Repsol, Revolution Resources LLC, Riley Exploration – Permian LLC, Rimrock Resource, Ring Energy Inc, Riviera Resources LLC, Roan Resources, Rockcliff Energy II LLC, Rosehill Resources Inc, Sabalo Energy LLC, Sable Permian Resources LLC, Samson Resources II LLC, Sanchez Energy Corp, SandRidge Energy, Sequitur Energy Resources LLC, Shell, Sheridan Production Partners, SilverBow Resources Inc, SM Energy, Southland Royalty Co, Southwestern Energy, SRC Energy Inc, Steward Energy II LLC, Stronghold Energy II Holdings LLC, Summit Petroleum LLC, Sundance Energy, Surge Energy, Sydri Operating LLC, Tap Rock Resources LLC, Tapstone Energy LLC, Teal Natural Resources LLC, Tecolote Energy LLC, Templar Energy LLC, Terra Energy Partners LLC, THQ Appalachia I LLC, Total, Trinity Operating (USG) LLC, Triumph Energy Partners LLC, Ultra Petroleum, Unit Corp, Verdun Oil Co LLC, Vermilion Energy Inc, Vine Oil & Gas LP, White Knight Production I LLC, White Star Petroleum LLC, Whiting Petroleum, Windy Cove Energy II LLC, Wold Energy Partners LLC, WPX Energy Inc, Zarvona Energy LLC