Earnings Call Summaries

The Benefits

How market conditions affected companies

How market conditions affected companies

In-depth analysis on specific operators and how market trends, both historic and
projected, have affected/are affecting performance

How company earnings will affect market conditions

How company earnings will affect market conditions

An aggregated outlook of market conditions in the wake of reported earnings

Actionable and exportable data

Actionable and exportable data

The ability to download detailed forecasted and reported data of Rigs, CapEx, D&C
Costs, Wells Drilled/Completed, Length, and more directly into excel and organize by
Operator, Basin and Subformation


Receive timely and QC’d earnings data from over 65 firms, delivered straight to your inbox, from investor relations sources and packaged in an accessible format.

Our team of industry experts listen to every earnings call, and then provide key takeaways, analysis on how market trends are impacting operators, and how companies’ earnings could impact market conditions moving forward.

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